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  1. Cars and Copters

    Cars and Copters
    New England's most unique charity car show began in 2009 as a spin off of Boston Cars and Coffee, but in a relatively short amount of time the event has grown into a great event in its own right. There are few events that can boast 750+ cars, there are even less that can do so and manage to get you up close to a dozen different helicopters. Cars and Copter's home can be found at The Plymouth

    Updated 04-26-2012 at 12:04 PM by 55fanatic

  2. Boston Cars and Coffee

    Boston's largest and only enthusiast run Cars and Coffee event is back with a new home! After countless attempts at finding a location in 2010, The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has opened their arms to us. With such a great history of hosting some of the best auto events in Boston, our group is very honored to bring our event to such a special place.

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