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    Yuppie Racing was founded in 2009 and was started as a place for car enthusiasts to share their knowledge and passion in a relaxed atmosphere.  The name itself reflects a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.  The focus of YR is to allow enthusiasts to come together regardless of background.  Spending time with us at an event, or some time on the board, it will be clear that our members come from very diverse backgrounds, in life, and cars.

    Over the years, Yuppie Racing has come to also represent some of the biggest and best events in New England.  Cars and Copters, Boston Cars and Coffee, Northeast Rally and several other events allow to give back to the community.  Our goal is to show the greater community, that we are more than “hot rodders”. Our members in part with local businesses, museums, and charities make this a very unique community.

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    Northeast Rally 2015 is August 14-16, 2015

    Yuppie Rally’s Northeast Rally is the premiere multi day automotive lifestyle event that takes place ...

    Boston’s largest and only enthusiast run Cars and Coffee event is back with a new home! After countless attempts at finding a location in 2010, The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has opened their arms to us. With such a great history of hosting some of the best auto events in Boston, our group is very honored to bring our event to such a special place.

    Our first event on February 15th, 2009 is what kicked off everything with 80cars on a great crisp winter day. Since then our events have grown to host as many as 500 cars with cars and owners ranging from all corners of the globe.

    To sponsor Boston Cars and Coffee, make a donation, or if you have a charity in mind that we should work with, please email Peter at Yuppieracing.net

    As always, thank you for the support. Help us spread the word! Invite your family, friends, co-workers, or that random person down the street with that special car. Like in the past, events are rain or shine. Also please remember to support the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, either through donations, attending their lawn events or visiting the museum, because with out them, many of Boston’s best events, incuding this one, wouldn’t happen.

    For 2015, our scheduled dates as follows:

    May 9th
    June 13th
    July 25th
    August 22nd
    September 19th - Location to be announced later

    Once again, hope to see you all there,


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