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Thread: Hella Fail

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    Quote Originally Posted by [cerberus] View Post
    without looking to hard, I have seen is a 10 wheel with I think a 285 Hoosiers for autocross. It was fully rolled and maybe pulled a bit in the front.
    nice. I run a 10.5/285 rear hoosier with a 9/245 front currently. Goal is 10.5 front and 13 rear

    I'm sorry to hear you suffer from Cranial-Rectal Inversion

    Quote Originally Posted by jjm4life View Post
    Older cars just have more soul
    Quote Originally Posted by 55Fanatic View Post
    Can you imagine if we had 2 Rich's on this forum? oye
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    I used to run 265's front 275 rear on 4 9.5 inch rims with a +22 offset. No rubbing and no rolling. When autoxing thing had a ton of front grip. I was running T1R's and they run a bit narrow though. I had the aerosync bumper too :-). Fun car..
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