Hey all its still early in the winter months, stay safe and pick up your snows before they are all gone.

We are offering some great deals on Vredestein Wintracs.

The WINTRAC XTREME is the first winter tyre to be developed in partnership with Giugiaro Design. Aggressive, firm lines give the W-shaped tread its powerful appeal. Sipe technology was a priority for Vredestein in the design of the WINTRAC XTREME. Optimum Silica Processing™ (OSP™) technology is incorporated in the fabrication of the tread compound, enhancing the winter performance and improving grip on wet surfaces. In addition, the equal distribution of pressure across the contact area ensures an even wear pattern, whereby low noise levels are assured throughout the tyre’s life-span.

This is what we current have we can ship out within 24-48 hours.

235 45 17 (1 Set) Price - $1050 for the set - Shipped
235 35 19 - Price - $1250 for the set - Shipped
275 45 20 (2 Sets) for Q7 - Price - $1450 for the set - Shipped
255 55 18 for Q7 - $1150 for the set - Shipped

Please email me to order up some snows.


or call 201-768-1818