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Thread: Welcome back Datsun!

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  1. #1 Default Welcome back Datsun! 
    I know there are a lot of Nissan lovers on here, so...

    "Nissan is preparing to launch a new car on average every six weeks during the next six years, gunning for a near doubling in its global market share to 8%."

    Unfortunately, none will be available here in the US although I think these low-cost brands would do well. I am guessing it would be too expensive to bring them here profitably but having fun and decent $10k options wouldnt be a bad thing.
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    yeah i heard about that. they're just going to be budget cars, and they're using the datsun names so it won't hurt the brand equity of nissan. it's too bad, i got excited at first
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    and its over seas ...
    Oh Yeah!
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