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Thread: The GM fire sale continues... Saab has been sold

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  1. #1 Default The GM fire sale continues... Saab has been sold 
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    Saab has been sold off to....

    Koenigsegg. Yeah, who would have thought... I guess its all about the swedes here.
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    im interested to see what happens next, saab super car???
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    can I get 'Egg badges for my 900 classic now?
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    I believe that Koenigsegg is doing it to help Saab out. I mentioned in the Taurus thread that I'm hoping the same thing happens for Volvo

    Both Saab and Volvo helped Koenigsegg get started back in the day, lending him their test facilities, wind tunnels, test tracks the whole thing, to help out.

    2005 Volvo V70R 6M
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    The future for Saab looks bright! The Saab version of the R8 maybe?
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    Hopefully a "Good" move for the Saab workers as well as future consumers
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