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Thread: New magicbox vw jetta sub box subwoofer enclosure stealth look fits mkv sedan

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  1. #1 Default New magicbox vw jetta sub box subwoofer enclosure stealth look fits mkv sedan 
    VW - Jetta 2005-2010 Sub Box Magicbox Subwoofer enclosure, Good news it is ready and shipping. Accomodates a 10" 12" or a 13" sub. We listen to Jetta owners and wanted to make a versatile Enclosure to accomoate all ages. We made sure it ws tucked out of the way. Made sure access to spare tire was not interrupted. Some wanted a Big sub some did not, so we made sure all requests were somewhat satisfied in the final result. All our enclosures are made out of Fiberglass to keep the weight down. Have your bass and with no loss of space. It uses the corner of the trunk so you don't loose any valuabke trynk space, You can even put your gulf clubs back in the trunk.

    Enclosure is designed with 3/4" steps to accomodate a 10" or 12" or a 13" sub Including JL 13Tw5.
    (JL 10W7 Will fit but will need a 3/4" spacer for the vent pole)

    Volume 1.1 Cu ft
    Mounting depth for 10" sub is 8"
    Mounting depth for 12" 8.65"
    Mounting depth for 13" 9.35"

    Enclosure will come carpeted with a Dark Gray Automotive trunk liner carpet that matches the VW trunk pretty well. Unless you specify a different finish. We have shown the pictures with a Flat trunk liner finish so you can see the lines and shape of the enclosure.

    We offer the enclosure with or without a subwoofer. We also offer an amplifier package when you purchase the MagicBox from us. If you would like to get a full system please call and we will put a full package together for you. Our most popular model is the 10w7 enclosure for those needing the best of best for their Jetta.

    You can order it here

    Here are some pictures of the Jetta enclosure.

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    looks good
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    What he said. Seems like a bit much though..
    - Seth
    08 335xi
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    Wish this had been around when I had my jetta, looks good
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