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Thread: Easy way to give your car a matte finish

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  1. #1 Default Easy way to give your car a matte finish 
    cheap, looks easy and removable:
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    Maybe I'll do this for the rally. Would look cool as shit on the Sprint Blue too.
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    i'm thinking of doing it to my new wheels.. glossy black to matte black

    lemme know if you have any left overs =)
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    Looks cool. But on page 3 someone else tried it and it dried like it was supposed to (clear) and not frosted. So the type of roller may matter.
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    hmmm y not
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    im using something similar to mask the glass when i paint windows in my house (its called liquid mask)

    it goes on very easily with a brush, i'm guessing with a roller it would be fairly matt, not completely matt though

    it comes off verty easily, and isnt very expensive
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    looks pretty neat, i wanna try it out
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    Quote Originally Posted by bader.abbas View Post
    hmmm y not
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  10. #10 Default Apex Designs 
    It looks interesting in the pics. But if you want it to really look nice and be wrapped in matte. Let me know. Our new company has launched. We're busy getting set up at our shop and wrapping. The schedule is already backing up fast with appointments!

    We're also an official sponsor for the rally coming up.

    We'll be providing the decals for everyone and helping put them on as needed. I believe Pete has posted this on YR or is about to soon.

    Check us out at: Apex Designs

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    Sounds good steven.. i actually want to wrap some of my lens hoods in di-noc.. you do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by leemik View Post
    Sounds good steven.. i actually want to wrap some of my lens hoods in di-noc.. you do?
    Oh we can def do that. Just googled a few pics. I think i'm going to do mine as well. They look amazing.
    2016 Charger & 1972 Nova SS
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    this would be the same thing as I did with the plastidip guys... just a different way to apply it. I bet if you added something to dilute its consistency, you could apply it with a roller 100% of the time and have it come out like that first guy
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