So now that the MR2 is going to be en route to my garage i have decided to keep her and give it a new life. I Have a spare head and im getting a block this weekend so you guessed it motor building time. Im also going to be repainting the car this summer in my custom paint booth aka my garage huffing that oh so good paint. Im going to paint it the stock Crimson Red so i dont have to do the door jambs or trunk/hood. This build is going to be a slow one as i dont have piles of money laying around to buy all the internals i have planned so it will be much like cristovs build long and a bunch of pics of a non running car but to hopefully end in a glorious finish that will amaze all. So ill give a break down of what i plan to do and get.

Fresh crimson red paint
94+ front lip
94+ rear lip
94+ tails
New wheels(well new to me)

Bride or Corbeau seats havent decided as that will be at the tail end of the list
some sort of smaller steering wheel Personal? maybe?

Eagle H beam rods
Wiseco pistons
Ferrera valves
BC springs/retainers
HKS 264 cams
ATS adjustable cam gears
Misc OEM parts like water pump gaskets ect.
Apexi Power FC
RC injectors
Supra TT fuel pump

As i said this wont be an over night build it will probably be next summer by the time i have the motor ready. im hoping to break into the mid to upper 400 whp or higher range with this setup. i may switch my current Garrett to a ball bearing setup before the motor goes back in. Also contemplating getting a stock 94+ tans with LSD or getting an aftermarket setup. This summer the car will be running and repainted looking fresh for this summer. The current motor in the car will be getting a new timing belt/water pump to get her going again and then that motor will be kept as a back up. expect to see pictures of the respray process going down within a couple weeks.