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Thread: Leemik's new rims thread

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  1. #1 Default Leemik's new rims thread 
    I'm a rim-a-holic.. so I'll just post up ones I buy in this thread =P

    as of 5/10/2012 =)
    19" Volk Racing TE37 Tokyo Time Attacks, Double Black with diamond polished lip.. These are the 3rd set of TE37's I've owned.. TE37 is my all time favorite rim. They are actually not very different from my old LE37t's (Limited Edition TE37's) .. The black finish appears to be the same but the lip is much shinier. The center cap I'm using is the old Limited Edition Volk Cap.. These come with Special Edition black GT caps but I was told I'd have to wait til June so screw it...

    19x10.5 +20et rear

    Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Rear by leemiks, on Flickr

    I put a 10mm spacer on too so the final offset is 10et =P.. yes it rubs occasionally but i don't care.

    TE37 19x10.5 +20 with 10mm spacer by leemiks, on Flickr

    19x9.5 +15et front

    Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Front by leemiks, on Flickr

    perfect offset! no rub on turns.. but it barely clears the 380mm 6 piston Brembos

    TE37 19x9.5 +15 stance by leemiks, on Flickr

    final result.. They OK.. I think I need a CF front lip or something or maybe more poke in front with a small spacer..

    BMW E92 M3 Volk TE37 by leemiks, on Flickr

    EDIT: one more...

    BMW E92 M3 Volk TE37 by leemiks, on Flickr
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    Mar 2009
    Framingham, MA
    thought they looked fantastic today.
    Father of Phiff
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    brake clearance is ridiculous. Offset really is flawless. They look fantastic Mike. Hope you have better luck with them than the Alloy Technics.
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  4. #4 Default Alloy Technics Mesh 
    Allow Technic Mesh. I still own these rims. I think they are still the best looking rims for my ///M3 but they are very fragile.. I've gone through 2 new fronts and 1 new rear already due to irreparable damage.. and now all four have it's finish damaged so I'll probably take it to Ace soon. They are very similar in design to the ZCP package rims except they are 20" and weigh ~7lbs less(!) per rim than the OEM ZCP wheels.

    Alloy Technic Mesh
    10,000 ton forged, one piece
    Front: 20" 9.0 et22 (they made a special one-off +22et just for me )
    Rear: 20" 10.5 et27
    Finish: brushed silver with clearcoat

    as they arrived

    Here's a totally unscientific way of weighing one of my larger rear staggered rims.. Bathroom scale says 20.6 lbs.. pretty damn light for a 20" rim.

    Fronts cleared the Brembos with ease.. as did the backs

    rims_3 by leemiks, on Flickr

    The brushed aluminum finish..OEM BMW centercaps fit.. Alloy Technics only makes BMW fittment rims

    rig_11 by leemiks, on Flickr

    The Stance with a 10mm spacer in rear and 12mm spacer in front.. it rubbed on occasion but it wasn't serious and i don't care.

    IMG_4804 by leemiks, on Flickr

    vorsteiner_8 by leemiks, on Flickr
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  5. #5 Default Neez Eurocross Super 
    19" Neez Eurocross Super Silver with Neez centercaps
    8000Ton Forged
    19" Front 8.5, +35mm offset
    19" Rear 10.0, +25mm offset

    I never put these on my car.. Kevblah has them on his ///M3 now.. and honestly the offset s are much more ideal for E46 M3 than E92.. I would have had to run a HUGE spacer in front and a small one in back for it to look halfway decent. I only bought them because they were Neez and cheap.. I was going to use them as a backup in case another Alloy Technic rim exploded

    Neez_4 by leemiks, on Flickr

    On Kev's car.. I think they look perfect.. such a rare chunk of JDM metal!:

    my old neez sold to kev by leemiks, on Flickr
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    I loved the look of the alloy technics, i thought they looked absolutely perfect.

    The TE37's are a very different look, but they still look great. and yes, the brake clearance is insane.
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  7. #7 Default  
    also the neez look amazing in their new home on Kev's car.
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  8. #8 Default Advan RS-D 
    Advan RS-D, one piece, polished lip, black center with center cap adapter for BMW OEM center cap..
    19" Front 9.0, +22et offset
    19" Rear 10.0, +20et offset

    I bought these rims on impulse.. there was not much available for E92 M3 back then and these were the hot new wheel. I hated these rims.. they looked good in pictures but when you got them in hand and saw them in real life they seemed a little bit cheap. I had them for only about 6 months and couldn't wait to get rid of them..

    crackberry lol

    they unfortunately did not fit my Brembos and the calipers had to be shaved

    Stance... not too bad.. no rubbing at all.. probably could have gone even more aggressive with some small spacers..

    uss_salem_02 by leemiks, on Flickr

    uss_salem_00 by leemiks, on Flickr

    aaaargggggg black rim face, they kinda look like my TE37 TTA's from a distance =X

    IMG_8143 by leemiks, on Flickr

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  9. #9 Default  
    Other rims.

    19" Gram Light 57S-Pro Silver with Titan coated lip.

    Aggressive offset by leemiks, on Flickr

    19" Volk Racing LE37t Glossy Black with diamond polished lip

    18" Volk Racing TE37 Limited Edition Mercury Silver

    and that's it for now...
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    Apr 2010
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    wheel whore lol
    car looked so good today
    Porsche 991 GT3
    Green/ Black Iridescent
    HRE P101-IPE Catless Exhaust- Techart Steering Wheel-991R/ Classic Livery- Carbon Fiber Exterior Package
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  11. #11 Default  
    thanks everybody.. the search for the perfect rim is never ending
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  12. #12 Default  
    only because you haven't yet acquired P40s.
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  13. #13 Default  
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    only because you haven't yet acquired P40s.
    LMAO these are my dream wheels right now... TE37's with a step lip...

    If they ever release a wheel like that in E9x M3 sizes and fittment I'd be all over it!!!!
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  14. #14 Default  
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    only because you haven't yet acquired P40s.

    new wheels look good mike
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  15. #15 Default  
    Baller MIKE strikes again!!! Looking good man! Love the new shoes!
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  16. #16 Default  
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    Apr 2009
    Your mom's basement
    You have nice taste Mike for sure. Need some Weds or Leon Hardiritts next! Love the last photo of the Alloy Technics.
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  17. #17 Default  
    wheels are fitting for the dai lo. it looks good but I agree with u that the alloy technics look better
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    Jan 2010
    if course the M comes out and I didn't go to CnC today.... Looks great!!! nice for a change for a bit. you couldn't talk to volk for some kind of sponsor to do a one off or anything?
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  19. #19 Default  
    when i first pulled up behind mike today near paramount, i was drooling over his volks. they look sooo sick!
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  20. #20 Default  
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    Mar 2009
    Houston, TX
    Rims were super sick. Always been a fan of the TE-37s. But I will say that I'm very partial to the Alloys. They are probably the nastiest wheel I've ever seen on an E92.
    Quote Originally Posted by 55fanatic View Post
    I stopped a moment like that too... I wiped Mat's cheek cause he had nutella all over his face
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