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Thread: Software Engineering jobs wanted.

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    My brother in-law just graduated from Cali. He's from Stockton, Ca. It's not an easy thing to graduate living among the worse city in US. He's moving here on June 6. I'm hoping some of y'all can point me at the right direction. Thanks!
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    Tell him to take a look at Acme Packet in Bedford. I've been here for a year and I love it (I was a college grad). Talk to Sam (bean town sound sam) and ask him what he thought about us. We are growing rapidly and have a list of strong products.

    Have him send his resume to me at and ill take a look. Ill forward it internally to HR.
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    My company is still looking for a few software engineers I believe.
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    try Oracle; they just recently bought the company my dad works for and have been hiring people here and there. worth a shot
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    Is there anyone my brother in law should mention?
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