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Thread: DIY Carbon Fiber

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    duplicate post oops!
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    If the OEMs have a hard time with keeping CF items clear you probably will as well. I know Phenolic resin is rated for high temperatures but I'm not sure if it's offered in a clear finish. There are definitely epoxy and polyester resins that can both withstand 350F repeatedly but I would build and heat cycle a component before putting it into production.
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    I found a company that sells high temp rated epoxy resin, but it just says that it will maintain its strength and properties at high temps, nothing about yellowing. Also a drawback is you need to cure the parts at the expected temps it will see to be rated to that heat. All I can really find is people talking about not yellowing due to UV exposure.

    There was a guy at the Merrimack show that had a Datsun with a carbon valve cover that looked sweet. Shoulda asked him haha.
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