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Thread: Garage Studio

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    June 8, 2012 Architecture

    If James Bond ever want to park his car in Herder in Switzerland, then he would certainly in style in the garage studio of the architect Peter Kunz do. The building has space for eight cars, with the ground sunken into cubes to serve as a guiding light for the underlying contiguous parking area.The outermost Kube with a sliding door on the inside forms the entrance to the garage. The alignment of the concrete cubes evokes associations with 'minimal art' installations. The sculptural effect, and the dialogue of raw nature and strict geometry give the building a distinctive expression.

    If, by any chances James Bond would like to park his car in Herder, Switzerland, he would most certainly do it classy at 'garage studio' by Peter Kunz Architects. The volume preserves space for eight cars. The cubes, embedded in the terrain serve as directed lighting for the parking area in the back. The cube at the end has a sliding door and acts as the entrance. The concrete cubes remind of a 'minimal art' installation, promoting the unique expression as well as the juxtaposition of nature and the geometric structures made ​​of concrete.

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    That's pretty cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by 55fanatic View Post
    That's pretty cool
    Yeah, check out the original link, there's some amazing architecture there.

    Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film.
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    Nice. Each car gets his/her own view
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