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Thread: My 1998 M3 Cabrio......

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  1. #1 Default My 1998 M3 Cabrio...... 
    In the middle June my TL was totaled which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I was ready for something new anyway. I started looking at e46 M's in the $18k-$20k price range (putting $11k down and financing the rest) with under 80k/miles, but because I was trying to stay within a certain range, most of the cars I was looking at were 2001's to 2003's. This turned out to be extremely frustrating because I couldn't get a bank to write a loan for a car that old.

    After almost a month of searching I decided to start looking for a car I could just pay cash for because the only e46 M's I could get a loan for were 2004's and 2005's which were going to put me in the mid to high 20's with lower mileage and I didn't want to make myself "car poor". So after a little more searching I found a Cosmos/Dove 5MT e36M Cab with 72k miles on it in Raleigh, NC. I called the owner, explained that I would be coming down from CT to get the car and wanted to make sure it was exactly as described. He assured me that it was, he was the second owner and that the car came with everything it had when it was bought new. So I wired him a deposit, got a red eye out of Hartford the next morning, the seller picked me up at the airport, went to the bank to get him the rest of his money, then to the DMV to get an in transit tag, and drove her home without issue. (That is the abridged version. The long version has a lot of weather delays with resulting missed connections and fights with rude USAir workers).

    The car did in fact have EVERYTHING. All the way down to the rechargeable flashlight in the glove box, tools in the tool kit and all of the original documentation that came with it when it was delivered. The original owner even kept all his gas receipts and a mileage log detailing where he drove it, how many miles he put on it and if he got gas on the trip, where and how much.

    Here are a few pics right after I got it.....

    Only things I have done thus far is upgraded to the DJ Auto Euro Style Headlights (HID projectors and glass lenses vs. the stock reflector type lights with plastic lenses), smoke/clear front corners, smoke/clear tail lights, 20% tint on the sides and an iSimple iPod hookup because I left all my cassette tapes and CD's back in the mid-ninety's.

    As she sits now.....

    I couldn't be more happy with this car, and the fact that it's paid for in full makes it even better.
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    Excellent record keeping! Impressive.
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    Yeah, the PO's were obsessive record keepers, which is great for me because I know when everything was done on the car. A lot of the "major services" have already been done with the exception of suspension components like bushings, mounts, etc. The car is really tight but the suspension is a tad soft for my taste and because it's a vert, it obviously isn't as rigid as the coupes and sedans. But I'm going to fix that as best I can with a set of H&R Coilovers and their front and rear sways.
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    sweet looking ride.. i would jizz all over screen if it were estoril
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    Quote Originally Posted by leemik View Post
    sweet looking ride.. i would jizz all over screen if it were estoril
    There was a 1998 Estoril/Dove Cab for sale with around 55k/mi on it at The Highline Group in Lowell about a month before my car got totaled and I missed out. They wanted way to much for that car anyway even when you factor in "Enthusiast Pricing". Then, a week after I got this car a 99 Techno/Black cab showed up in central FL with 70k/miles. Made me wish I waited another week for a split second, but then again the car I got is in phenomenal shape with the exception of the worn ZHP shift knob and the common wear on the seat bolsters.
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    mmmm... e36 verts... So sexy...

    btw... West Hartford eh? We'll have to g2g...
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    I'm always down for a meet. I'll be going to the Cars and Copters event with a few friends next month as well.
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