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Thread: Vipers

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    Growing up the viper was my favorite car. I still love how they look. But they seem largly ignored, I don't read about them much, I don't see them reviewed much, there aren't any on the forum or even discussed. I don't think I've seen any at car shows (except maybe cars and copters). So whats up? What do you guys think of them? I could see how there are better cars for the money, and they could be a bit of a handful to drive, but I feel like its gotta attract someones fancy.

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    there were approx 8 or 9, maybe more at the northeast exotic show, gotta admit i actually liked one or two of them even though every english bone in my body was telling me otherwise lol

    def a little too in your face for my taste
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    Mar 2009
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    I like them, alot.

    But they really have a connotation with other enthusiasts, old or a muscle head.

    To be honest, they're a blast to drive, extremely raw, and if you don't know how to handle it, you're ass over tea kettle in a ditch.

    That said, I want a silver 05, with a Paxton blower really really bad.

    One of my dealers has an 02 red gts with 11k miles on his showroom floor for $44k. Awesome car
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    Do want viper. I got to sit in an early one when i was about 8 years old, then the dealer gave me a model of the car. I still have it and that made a huge impact on me. Love the car, want one because it is the definition of bat shit bonkers.

    apparently the peddles are really small, never really looked. Don't think i could be phased after the Lotus though.
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    so true, you don't see all that many. you really have to like to want. gimme me 2gen Venom Viper love them things
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    Viper is probably my next car. I like the new gen a lot and when the third generation comes out, I'll probably look into some blue or white srt10 ;)
    Last edited by Rafal; 08-25-2011 at 12:47 AM.
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    Somerville, MA
    I love the older vipers, my favorite body style has definitely got to be the 2nd generation gts/gtsr. Don't know why, but I absolutely love that little duck-tail they have. Never driven or ridden in one, but hopefully I will eventually.
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    Sep 2010
    Southern Maine
    Protree performance has about 10 - 15 vipers at its annual viper club dyno day. I was there last spring to get my car tuned and was in car guy heaven.
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    The viper is a hell of a car, assuming you know how to handle it. It is as raw and rude as you can get. No electronics to control your steering/braking/asshattery/douchebagness... Its just you and the skinny pedal controlling that beast...

    Do I love them? Yup. Would I own one? Nope. Its just a little too raw for my taste..
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    Good to know there isn't some sort of unanimous hatred for them

    Looking at the pics in this thread makes me really want one again, I'd have no idea how to handle it and would kill myself in one. But I love that over-the-topness, I think Balthy would go quite well riding shotgun in one.
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    The Viper has presence that can't be matched by many, I would love to drive one someday. First time I heard about the Viper was from the 90s show Viper. I would love having a 2nd gen with 600+ bhp V10 under the hood if I had that kind of $$$.

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    Framingham, MA
    tried to buy one in 04 but no way could I fit. ended up with viper truck. I've always wanted one would have to be a new style hard top only. for such a HUGE car it has a smaller interior then a miata.
    Father of Phiff
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    They have their ups and downs, IMO. Ridiculous amount of power and torque is a plus. They are small and hard to get in and out of because there's a scalding hot exhaust pipe inside a 8'' wide shelf on the side of the car that you have to maneuver around. Dangerous to do wearing shorts.
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    I would drive even a hot pink viper with pedo bears on it. Still a viper and still bad ass
    1991 VW GTI 8V ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
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    there are definitely some interest for a viper on this forum. Rafal and I talk about a viper every other week. Mat looked at one as a potential trade for the noble as well. Its just a matter of whether rafal will get his before i get mine
    Oh Yeah!
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    red with yellow wheels and automatic

    yaaaaaaaaa buddy
    Quote Originally Posted by Inf4life View Post
    What Graffix said
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    Apr 2010
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    a friend in boston got one for a really good price
    it had a stereo in the trunk and a snake air brushed on the side, car had alot of problems so he sold it
    Porsche 991 GT3
    Green/ Black Iridescent
    HRE P101-IPE Catless Exhaust- Techart Steering Wheel-991R/ Classic Livery- Carbon Fiber Exterior Package
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    Well, there is one on the forum now! I actually attended a YR cruise many moons ago with Jeff Torrey in his '92 Viper that he used to have. Looks like the crew has grown quite a bit since then. I figured I would join up after seeing the turn out from YR at the Exotic Car Show. I love the car, have always wanted one and waited for the right year and color. If anyone wants to know anything in particular about them, just ask.

    1997 Dodge Viper GTS - Blue/White
    420 RWHP / 458 RWTQ
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    Welcome to the forum! Very nice viper you have there.
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    Thanks! Hope to make it to some G2G's. Is there any type of club membership, fees, etc... for YR?

    1997 Dodge Viper GTS - Blue/White
    420 RWHP / 458 RWTQ
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