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Thread: 2002 Porsche Boxster - 5 spd. Very nice! $10,995 obo

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  1. #1 Default 2002 Porsche Boxster - 5 spd. Very nice! $10,995 obo 
    Tim Ferreira
    Somerset MA
    Price : $10,995 obo
    __________________________________________________ ________

    I am selling my 2002 Porsche Boxster. This car has treated me very well. It has no mechanical problems whatsoever. It is polar silver with black leather interior in excellent shape! The car was purchased new in California, and now has 148K miles on it. Manual Transmission Comes with a lot of the harder to find Porsche stuff such as the optional 17 inch wheels, rear wind deflector, and the 6 speaker sound system which is very nice while driving top down! I have also upgraded the brakes with the Boxster S big brakes, EBC red pads, and ATE SuperBlue fluid. These are all brand new brakes. Recently had two rear tires put on as well, and the oil was changed just a couple thousand miles ago. This car also has the all red/clear Boxster taillights instead of the ugly amber lights most of them come with. The car is up to date on all maintenance items. For those who are familiar with Porsches, this car has also had the IMS upgrade and RMS replacement done.

    Equipped with electronic rear spoiler as well, and another nice feature of this particular car is it is equipped with driver and passanger heated seats for any cold climate use.

    I have looked around and this is the cheapest 02+ Boxster for sale right now. Starting in 2002 there were alot of upgrades over the pre 02 Boxsters, the newer style shifter, 3 spoke sport steering wheel, and the double lined convertible top. If your in the market for a Boxster, the 02+ is a much better car! If you have any questions please feel free to ask, this car has a clean and clear title in my name, no liens or paperwork mess.

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    Taking best offer. Need to move the car quick
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    it would be nice if you contributed a little bit more to this forum than just using it to sell your cars
    Quote Originally Posted by kevblah View Post
    i love that scope
    Kev: Who the Fuck would buy a P226 in 9mm ME: Ummm the Navy Seals? Kev: yeah well what do they know?
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    Ive posted other stuff before. Just not too much to contribute since there aren't really any discussions going on i'm interested in and/or know much about. I try and not clutter up forums with junk filler posts just to look active.

    Anyways, I dropped my asking price to $9,995 to help move the car fast
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    Fact of the day: Of the 26 posts you have 16 of them are in your 4 different threads trying to sell cars over 22 months.

    That puts your participation rate outside of for sale ads at less than 1 post every other month.

    You must really dislike the conversations going on in this forum ...
    Oh Yeah!
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    Hi Tim lol

    I expect the oil on this to have been changed every 300 miles
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Hi Tim lol

    I expect the oil on this to have been changed every 300 miles
    haha, Actually this one is a little more normal but still pretty OCD! Porsche reccomends every 15,000 miles. I change it every 4,000-5,000 miles.
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