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Thread: Caravan to Cars and Copters 2012 - West to East

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  1. #1 Default Caravan to Cars and Copters 2012 - West to East 
    I know I made a FaceBook Page for this and posted it on the Cars and Copters event page, but I figured it might be a good idea to post it here as well.....

    Caravan Details:

    We are organizing a caravan to the Cars and Copters show at the Plymouth Municipal Airport on Sunday September 16th. This will be a West to East Caravan starting in Western, MA and running mostly on the Mass Pike (I-90) and then I-495 South to our final destination.

    Starting Point "A": Ludlow Service Area on the Eastbound side of I-90
    Meeting Time: 7:00am
    Departure Time: 7:15am Sharp

    Meeting Point "B": This is where we'll meet with people coming up I-395 from Eastern CT and those from Central Mass.
    Holiday Inn Express, 12 Johnson Street, Auburn, MA
    Meeting Time: 8:00am
    Departure Time: 8:15am Sharp

    Meeting Point "C": Home Depot, 229 Hartford Ave, Bellingham MA
    Meeting Time: 8:45am
    Departure Time: 9:00am Sharp

    Ending Point "D": Plymouth Municipal Airport, 246 South Meadow Rd, Plymouth MA

    ***Those of you with GoPro's PLEASE BRING THEM. I'm going to have one but you can never have enough, and the more the better!***

    You can RSVP for the caravan here:

    If you have any questions feel free to message me here or on Facespace or email
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    You'll see me along with a few other guys from WPI at Point B at 8:00 a.m. sharp! I'm also trying to buy a used GoPro this week just so I can have one for the cruise

    1992 Corvette 6-spd
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    I will meet you guys at point C, I don't do facebook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterZ View Post
    I will meet you guys at point C, I don't do facebook.
    Yeah, that's the reason I wanted to post it here as well. But, we'll see you at point C!
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    may join at point B with a few others.
    1991 VW GTI 8V ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
    2017 VW GLI ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
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    Great route! Good to see the West Coast crew getting together!
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    jketch happened.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jketch View Post
    He was so I just kept at it. When he was reaching the breaking point I hammered it harder for about 90 seconds then let off and left.
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    I'll try and be at Point C
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    Sep 2011
    I'll try to be at point C.
    2006 Quarter Pounder Sport GT with cheese.
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    Well, could not find out where the people from Boston are meeting, so I might meet at point C!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ludovino1 View Post
    Well, could not find out where the people from Boston are meeting, so I might meet at point C!
    There might be a group meeting on Newbury or somewhere around there, but there will definitely be a group leaving from South Shore Plaza.
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    Apr 2012
    Point C for me, 495 should be a great place to be that morning. Other drivers on the road will be like wtf going on around here?
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    may meet at point b or c...will know by saturday night
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    There has been a small change to "Meeting Point B" in Auburn. Someone had pointed out to me last night that the Holiday Inn Express doesn't have a whole lot of parking and when I created the caravan I wasn't expecting as many cars as there are going to be attending. So we are moving "Meeting Point B" across the street to the Heritage Mall Shopping Center, 567 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA. Meeting time remains the same.

    Caravan Event Page HERE

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    car is relatively clean so i am ready!!!!!
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    This caravan was awesome by the way, we must cruise again before winter!

    1992 Corvette 6-spd
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