Pro-EFI SALE $2700 Comes with the fallowing. Other accessories can be purchased seperately. If you or anyone you know has a BMW E46 in need of the worlds best Engine management Pro-EFI please refer them to Wicked CAS...

9100 – Pro128 ECU

4051 – E46 adapter harness (includes harness for wideband, MAP, Fuel Pressure, and CAN)

9051 – E46 Mounting bracket with Injector Resistors

(2) 9026 – 3 Channel igniters

2007 – Wideband Sensor

9000 – 150 Psi Fuel Pressure sensor

9004 – 5bar Map Sensor

Ignition timing
I-Boost Control (5 stages of boost curves that can be selected to be targeted against Vehicle Speed, Time, or Flex Fuel input, and Scramble boost). All controlled through the cruise control buttons on the factory CAN bus. (I.E. no wiring or cutting!).
Flex Fuel (ability to run any mixture of E85 with the ECU making on the fly adjustments to boost, spark, and fueling based on Ethanol content).
Antilag Boost control – 5 different target boost levels
TwoStep Launch Control – 5 different target RPM’s
Hi/Low Octane switch – Allows the user to easily change the calibration to run pump gas and race gas settings
Nitrous Control – up to 4 stages
Control multiple fuel pumps in stages for easier fuel pressure control at lower flow demand
Automatic Transmission control with converter slip calculations to help with converter selection and seemless converter lock up engagement.
Manual transmission Gear position indicators and clutch slip calculations
2 channel Knock control with knock windows and true knock frequency filtering
Fuel Pressure Feedback and fault control to monitor proper fuel delivery to prevent engine damage due to fuel system failure
Oil Pressure monitoring to alert when low oil pressure conditions occur
Radiator Pressure monitoring to warn for excessive coolant pressure in case of a weak head to cylinder block seal, or cracked cylinder.
Traction Control – Differential wheel speed monitored through the factory can bus. No wiring or cutting!
Closed Loop O2 Feedback with Internal Wideband O2 sensors
Multiple Fault Management strategies to save the engine and alert the driver incase of sensor failure or tuning errors
CAN Display connectivity – 52mm Can Gauge, and 4.5 x 4.5″ CAN display.
Meth injection – ability to control methanol injection and tune appropriately for it