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Thread: Capristo Exhaust for brothers RS5

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  1. #1 Default Capristo Exhaust for brothers RS5 
    Convinced my brother his cars needs this and just helped him order one. Figure get him to mod and then I buy it cheap from him next year.

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    seen a few get it on audizine
    and i've heard in on a local s5 with you during the audi GTG
    will sound epic
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    sounds win, but is that like 1 and a half sets in the picture, or what gives? why so many mufflers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    sounds win, but is that like 1 and a half sets in the picture, or what gives? why so many mufflers?
    I took that picture from someone who just got, confused me also. Capristo site also shows as 3 pieces. Guessing that middle one connects to the engine and the other 2 are the exhausts since they have the valves? Would this mean it's more than just catback? Cost is just under $5k, should sound insane since RS4 with Tubi was best sounding car I ever heard
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    haha modding ur future car
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    wtf 5k for a cat back?!?!?
    Quote Originally Posted by cegan09 View Post
    brass isn't good enough for those guys. Too heavy. They have burnt titanium because they are that awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nperkins View Post
    wtf 5k for a cat back?!?!?
    Lololol you would be floored by prices of some exhausts people buy
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    The piece in the middle is a resonator, notice how the tips aren't angle cut or anything.
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    Very nice. Capristo's sound fantastic.
    2006 Quarter Pounder Sport GT with cheese.
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    Scott, did your brother get the exhaust installed yet?
    04' Nogaro S4 6mt
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    Yea he got it installed a couple months ago, very nice piece and he likes it but to quiet for my taste
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