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Thread: Dynamat experts....

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    right now i am in the process of stripping the cayenne of its stereo equipment. (see thread: project destroy rebuild destroy, which i will be making later today.)

    I noticed that the dynamat is coming off really easy. like really really clean and easy. silly question, but can i re use it? i was thinking of peeling it off, and then hitting it with a heat gun and re-applying it in the shocker-mobile. worth a try right?

    as sound deadening the floors, i am thinking of cheaping out, and getting peel and seal from home depot. from what ive read, it smells like the poo for a day or two, then the smell goes away. I think i can live with that, because i will probably have the car stripped down for a few days whilst re installing my audio equipment.

    anyone have any experience with this stuff?

    also in the cayenne, theres this foam rubbery sticky stuff that has been applied in certain places over the dynamat. anyone know wha tthis stuff is? i will see if i have a picture of it on my phone.
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    Can not be reapplied but I do have about 50 square feet of dynamat extreme I may be willing to part with for like half off. Foam stuff is more sound deadening.
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    Look into FatMat or RaaMat... Much cheaper than Dynamat.

    They say you can't reapply Dynamat, but if you could get a good attachment, I don't see why you couldn't.
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    throw a new adhesive on it and call it a day. You'll be fine.
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