I work for a start-up marketing firm ( Currently, we are recruiting promoters to help with a range of events we put on. These events include:

1. Street Teams
For street teams, we generally dispatch teams of 2-5 people to promote on of the brands we represent. These usually take place outside of restaurants, on college campuses, or at stores. We focus on promoting brands through giving away free swag, free tickets, drinks, keychains, or whatever the gig calls for.

2. Event Promotions
Exactly as the title sounds, we promote specific events (CollegeFest), or at events (Opening night at the Celtics vs. Heat) for brands.

3. Flyering
This is as simple as distributing flyers to target groups. It could consist of going around some dorms at a college, an office, or parked cars.

Of course, there is the possibility to get involved in many other marketing tasks and functions. Events typically only last a few hours, and there is no mandatory minimum. Primarily, events are concentrated around college campuses in Boston, or in highly trafficked areas. This is a very flexible position with the potential for growth into full-time employment. Please contact me via email at if interested.

NB: We are also interested in programmers. Please contact me if you have any programming experience.