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Thread: Driven Perfection: 2013 Porsche 911

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  1. #1 Default Driven Perfection: 2013 Porsche 911 
    2013 Porsche 911 (991) Special Order: New Car Prep By Driven Perfection

    This Special Order 911 Is Equipped With A 7 Speed Manual Transmission, Ducktail Spoiler, GT3 Style Front Bumper, And Anthracite Wheels.

    Finished In A Beautiful Shade Of Metallic Brown. - Wes Do You Agree?


    Remove Factory Plastics, Hand Wash, Clay Treatment, Alcohol Wipedown Of All Panels

    Wheels Cleaned With Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel

    Tires Treated With Gloss It Signature Tire Gloss

    Gloss It Evolution Polish Applied With White Foam Pad On Porter Cable

    Gloss Finish was applied for LSP protection.

    Final Wipedown With Gloss It Gloss Enhancer


    Remove Factory Plastics

    Clean All Interior Panels Including Dash, Door Panels & Center Console With Gloss It Satin Leather Cleaner

    Treat All Leather Surfaces With Gloss It Satin Leather Polish

    Clean Door Jambs & Windows

    Polish All Interior Trim With Gloss It Gloss Enhancer

    Vacuum & Foam Shampoo Carpet & Mats

    B9911 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B9119 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B9912 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B9914 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B99111 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B99110 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B99117 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B99118 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B99120 by drivenperfection, on Flickr

    B9916 by drivenperfection, on Flickr
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    looks great
    Porsche 991 GT3
    Green/ Black Iridescent
    HRE P101-IPE Catless Exhaust- Techart Steering Wheel-991R/ Classic Livery- Carbon Fiber Exterior Package
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    Not my favorite color combo, but it does look pretty classy!
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    Loving the duckbill. Color is cool but too classy combined with the interior. Car looks huge, how much do they weigh now?
    Bath salts and dick pills
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    They didn't get a clear bra??
    Quote Originally Posted by 55fanatic View Post
    I stopped a moment like that too... I wiped Mat's cheek cause he had nutella all over his face
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjm4life View Post
    Loving the duckbill. Color is cool but too classy combined with the interior. Car looks huge, how much do they weigh now?
    It is a large car, but feels small and tight when you drive it...

    Curb Weight is 3075LBs according to Wiki

    Quote Originally Posted by Inf4life View Post
    They didn't get a clear bra??
    Not at the moment, No.
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