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Thread: New Business Idea - Wedding Streaming - Thoughts?

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  1. #1 Default New Business Idea - Wedding Streaming - Thoughts? 
    So my wedding division ( is CONSIDERING offering a new service and I'm curious about how interested our future brides and grooms might be. Whether you're planning your wedding now, or already married, or even if you're single, I'd love your honest feedback.

    If we could stream video of your wedding (ceremony and/or reception) on the internet, or to a mobile device, via a SECURE WEBPAGE where only people you gave the URL or had the password could access, would this be worthwhile?

    We're not talking about high-end wedding videography by any means. We're not videographers! Just a simple stationary camera, that captures audio and video from the event for any of your friends, family, or guests who are unable to attend. Maybe we could even record it and give you the raw unedited file after the wedding? (NOT a replacement for professional wedding videography.)

    Is this something you'd be interested in as an "add-on" service? How much would you pay for it (what's it worth to you)? Have you seen this elsewhere? Is it even a good idea? Tell me what you think, because we're not really sure!

    Would you mind copying and pasting any feed back you post here, also in the relevant thread on: in addition to here? (And if you're not already a fan, you can click LIKE too!)

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    This sounds like having people pay for you to essentially set up a Skype call. Which I've already seen people do themselves with a laptop/tablet.

    I wouldn't pay for it.
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    hate it.

    weddings brings people together and the ceremony and/or reception is about bring there at the moment.
    Oh Yeah!
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    If someone has a sick grandparent or loved one in a hospital, that can't come to the wedding. This might not be a bad idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris! View Post
    If someone has a sick grandparent or loved one in a hospital, that can't come to the wedding. This might not be a bad idea
    which goes along the lines of what cegan said
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    Fixed my post. Phone forgot the important part of wouldn't, specifically the end.
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    For just a stationary cam, i don't really see it working well... You never know audio feeds, background noises, somebody stands in front, etc etc.. Unless you could do multiple cameras. I actually have a friend that has a product that does this (But for racing applications) if you are looking for a developer...

    Now if you had a videographer(s) taping the wedding, and had a way to live stream the raw feed... THAT I could see working... That way you know it stays in the action. Otherwise though... All you need is that asshole with the iPad blocking everybody's view lol.
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    brass isn't good enough for those guys. Too heavy. They have burnt titanium because they are that awesome.
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