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Thread: Benjamin Carson...2016? Thoughts.

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  1. #1 Default Benjamin Carson...2016? Thoughts. 
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    Benjamin Carson, a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon recently spoke at the prayer breakfast. His speech has set a lot of people on fire, and getting a lot of attention across party lines. When I watched the entire prayer breakfast, his speech was much more engaging and hit home than Obama's speech. Two links are Benjamin Carson's speech and his recent interview on Fox.

    His full speech:

    Fox Interview:

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    too early to decide but I was quite impressed with his speech
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    i love that scope
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    Ugh. Reminded me we have to wait til 2016 to get rid of the current imbecile
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris! View Post
    Ugh. Reminded me we have to wait til 2016 to get rid of the current imbecile
    unless he is framed for doing something worth impeaching
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    Wes get your hands out of there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by the.wong.kid View Post
    unless he is framed for doing something worth impeaching
    hahahah i love that you use the word framed
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