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Thread: leemik's 2013 LRP M3

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  1. #1 Default leemik's 2013 LRP M3 
    Yes, the rumors are true, I bought a new car... I saw this car sitting at the dealership while waiting for service and I just couldn't resist in making a pitch for it because I fell in love with the Fire Orange. It went so well that I ended up traded in the AW M3 and now I have a fresh new canvas to work with =)

    I plan on keeping the car mostly LRP M3 "stock" because I don't know whether or not the car will be collectable in the future.

    It already comes with a good number of decent and expensive BMW Performance addons as standard equipment. I also finally got the car with a CF roof and 6 speed manual--A couple of things that always bugged me about my old M3.

    The dealership also agreed to swap over any parts I wanted as part of the deal providing I give them the equivalent stock parts.. I decided I wanted the Amuse exhaust, TE37's, Project Kics NeoChro lugs and Brembo brakes the most. It took them about a week to swap all those items over. I know some of the parts must have been a PITA to swap because the exhaust required a new flange be welded on and the TPMS system is not compatible between 2009 and 2013, etc,... They had to order me new studs as well because one of the old ones was stripped.

    Finally, the car was done today and is getting prepped for delivery:

    For some reason, I think TE37's look way better on this car than the AW

    Next step is to bring the car to DP for some tint.. However, I don't want to lose the LRP special edition sticker in the window, so we'll see what Alex can do... and then next week it goes to Phil for some minor paint work: Fill the front bumper plate holes, paint all chrome bits orange and paint Brembo calipers orange..
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    [reserved for photoshoot #1]
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    The "first" mod I'm planning right now is a Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser "System 1" like on this car. I'm also not quite sure it will fit under the Amuse exhaust but I'm going to take the risk because I think it looks sexy.

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    Looks great Mike! Congrats!
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    Not waiting Anytime huh... Congrats mike
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    congrats man looks great
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    awesome stuff mike!
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    Wes get your hands out of there!
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    spotted LFA in toilet, promptly flushed it
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    Awesome, congrats on your new car. One of 200 that has gotta be a collectible at some point.
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    Sexy car Mike, can't wait to see what you do with this one!
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    really sad to see the AW go but this is one hell of a replacement, congrats
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    Awesome choice Mike, congrats!
    04' Nogaro S4 6mt
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    Well done! Are you swapping the Vorsteiner hood and ducktail? Bumper?
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    Man I called it as soon as you posted pictures up on the 22nd.
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    Black TE37 looks much better with fire orange.

    that diffuser is going to look sick.
    Oh Yeah!
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    love it! congrats!
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    sick. car looks awesome with the wheels.
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    Congrats on the car, can't wait to see it in person
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigben View Post
    You.... have problems.
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    you have issues.
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    varis diffuser looks nice, but I will miss the amuse rear bumper. that was my favorite part of the car.
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    Amazing car ! Can't wait to see it in person. You sure will stand out of other E92 M3 with this one !
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