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Thread: Looking for an Automotive Exhaust Tech

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  1. #1 Default Looking for an Automotive Exhaust Tech 
    My father and I will be opening up an exhaust shop in the North Shore area over the next couple months, pending an individual who can weld and bend pipe. We're open to meeting with all that are interested but ask that you bring some experience to our shop. Whether thats 6 months or 6 years experience, we understand that people learn faster then others. If you're interested in the job, feel free to shoot me an e-mail with information regarding your previous work experience and a good number to contact you at. Thank you!

    Kevin Worker

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    North Shore
    What part of the North shore?
    Quote Originally Posted by 55fanatic View Post
    love to see your V... we have a bunch on the forum
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    If referring to me, I have all the aids...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevblah View Post
    What part of the North shore?
    We've been eyeing shops anywhere from Everett to Peabody. My fathers been in the automotive parts industry for 30+ years and that's where 90% of his customers are so that's why we're looking to set up somewhere around those parts.

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