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Thread: CHATebrex: Your prescription for boredom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin.b View Post
    Forester. There isn't much you can get with a hatchback, AWD and a manual transmission. I don't know why Subaru doesn't offer the manual with the turbo, but of the two options the third pedal is more important to my wife.

    It would be nice if the insurance company would contact me with a settlement offer. It sat in the tow yard for 4 days before they sent anyone to look at it. Rental is supposed to run out today, so I need to call the insurance company and have that pushed out a bit.

    They gave me an offer of ~$13k, which is nowhere near the replacement cost. Does anyone have tips for getting more from insurance?

    The accident is the other driver's fault. If it were my wife's fault, I would just have to consider the shortfall an idiot tax. I really don't feel like I should have to take a few thousand dollar personal hit for some dumb twat who couldn't stay in her lane.

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    definitely argue it. If you need a lawyer i know a good one
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