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Thread: Chimney guy?

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  1. #1 Default Chimney guy? 
    I am looking to get some quotes on repointing my chimney. Does anyone on here have some recommendations?
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    ive been using 'bostons best chimney' for years, matt is a great guy and they do great work, prices are fair

    tel: 781 893 6611
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    cool i will call, thanks!
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    btw does anyone know of an average cost?
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    more than you can affor dpal, chimney
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    Quote Originally Posted by streetxdreamer View Post
    more than you can affor dpal, chimney
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trptguy View Post
    btw does anyone know of an average cost?
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    Duxbury Chimney Sweep. Great service, good pricing.

    I'm sorry to hear you suffer from Cranial-Rectal Inversion

    Quote Originally Posted by jjm4life View Post
    Older cars just have more soul
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    Can you imagine if we had 2 Rich's on this forum? oye
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAW0330 View Post
    Duxbury Chimney Sweep. Great service, good pricing.
    just a little far from me. I live in Littleton, MA
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    D&D Masonry & Chimney out of Chicopee if they'll go that far east... Talk to Nick. Tell him Jesse from L&D sent you.
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  11. #11 Default Always a pleasure to read through this page :) 
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