I'm looking for a shop in Massachusetts that can do some custom seat track work in a small period of time for my work. It's an unusual request, but I need the front passenger seat on a 2011 Cadillac DTS to have its tracks extended so the seat can move further towards the front than the stock tracks allow. Also looking to see if the seat can fold forward further than it currently does now. Without going into details, this is to create room behind the passenger seat for someone to stretch out more. The front seat is still used occasionally so it would need to be able to return to the stock position and taking it out completely is not an option. The time frame is short, but the money to put towards it is not. I know the usual shops recommended for interior work, but this isn't a normal request so I'm not sure if they can help me out or not. Please PM me or reply here with any shops you think can help me out. Thanks!