Hi all,
Just a quick announcement that we offer custom coding for your VW or Audi using our own VAG-COM diagnostic tool. The custom code strings available include:

Comfort Windows via Remote
Comfort Blinking Disable
LED DRL's on With Turn Signal
LED Brightness Customization
Remote Hatch Closing
Video In Motion
Current Gear Display
Instrument Staging ("Needle Sweep")
and much more!

In addition to the VAG-COM, we also now are happy to offer custom Porsche coding via the proprietary Durametric diagnostic tool.
There are tons of customizations and fixes available through the Durametric tool, including:

Clearing service reminder
Comfort Windows via Remote
Disabling airbag lights, seatbelt chimes and sensors, etc.
Side markers blinking with turn signals
Air suspension control on the Cayenne
and tons more!

Our custom coding is very affordable at only $20 per session, and we also offer free trouble code reading.

Contact us today for your custom coding needs!