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Thread: Looking for parking industry experts

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  1. #1 Default Looking for parking industry experts 
    My friends are developing an app that consolidates parking situation with real time parking and last minute discounts to use excess spots and let everyone know their time and availability.

    They are looking for individuals involved with Boston parking lots and garages. Let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be.

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    I'm not involved with parking lots or garages in Boston but this sounds like an awesome app. Looking forward to hear more about this! Parking in the city is such a PITA. Good luck to your friends developing that app!
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    I'm no industry expert, but certain garages use a counting system (P.O. Square for example) and display how many spots are left on each level to help people park once inside. Maybe finding a way to tap into that system would be the simplest way? Granted not every garage has this system, but if your friends reached out to garages maybe they could work out some sort of deal? It would probably depend on how advanced that system is, but who knows maybe it could work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafal View Post
    if its parking garages your friends will have to go to them individually (most likely) as for street parking thats something they would have to take up with the city.
    im guessing this app would work somewhat like gas buddy so essentially word of "mouth" via cell phone

    would be cool to have it in multiple states id use it almost every day
    wish your friends the best
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