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Thread: Stream Wolf Of Wall Street

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  1. #1 Default Stream Wolf Of Wall Street 
    No signups, no bullshit.

    You are all welcome.

    Don't download it, stream it…..

    And yes… That is a white Testarossa…..
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    Thanks a lot. I hadn't seen it. Quality is good too.
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    Thanks Alex! I haven't seen this yet because it was 3hrs long!

    Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film.
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    That's such a great movie

    I usually use this,

    Lot's great new free movies
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    It's been on the pirate bay as a dvd screener ever since it came out. I've had it for a while just haven't watched it yet.
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    By The Hymen Of Olivia Newton-John!

    Anchorman 2 Now Streaming On

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    i hope its as good as i want it to be
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    That's awesome, want to watch!
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    The Counselor is now streaming on

    Cameron Diaz has some fun with a Ferrari California.

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    saw that last week, the ending really pissed me off, doesnt help that diaz annoys the shit out of me, the way a certain character gets assasinated is epic though
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    Just watched Dallas Buyers Club. pretty good movie.
    Oh Yeah!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheu_f50 View Post
    Just watched Dallas Buyers Club. pretty good movie.
    Streaming that now.

    Movie is very very good, MM deserved that Oscar.

    I think I caught a major error though. This takes place in the 1980s. So why is there a poster of an AVENTADOR on the wall behind him at 55:30?

    A Countach would have been more period correct?

    *EDIT - It appears that mistake was caught long ago… A quick Google of Aventador Dallas Buyers Club produces some very funny results….
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    yup the aventador was out of place. was pretty obvious too with the red color in an otherwise pretty plain color shot.

    finally watched the Counselor, not sure what to think of it yet. need to let the movie sink in.
    Oh Yeah!
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    Glowgaze is now:

    They have just added these to the selection….

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    Forgot about this thread. Thanks for the bump
    Oh Yeah!
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    Gandolfini's final movie: The Drop

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