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Thread: Modball 2014 NYC - Miami

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    this looks like fun, but i think i am not wealthy enough to afford all the fun that goes along with this rally.
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    Two more weeks. I'm running unofficial event page for this event. If you are coming or know anyone who is, let me know and I'll add to the group.
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    bump. 9 days to go. I was told 26 teams paid in full already. should be a nice turnout.

    would be nice to see more cars from Boston go. we are leaving for NYC on Thursday around 4pm.
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    5 days! Hit me up if you would like your business to be advertised on our Viper! ;)
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    So the trip was fun... whoever is on instagram, check out my team's account: TeamPHM

    NYC - M5 guy gets arrested for smoking weed right next to me at times sq.
    DC - M5 guy brings a girl to a hotel and does her right next to his teammate in their bed.
    Atlanta - M5 pilot gets arrested for 105 in 65. Gets bailed out.
    Miami - CTSV spun out at 80mph and went sideways toward SLS but fortunately did not touch anyone.

    Fun trip. Lotta miles, lotta crazy, crazy, crazy speeds and shit. I went for a ride in the loud m5, he accidentally hit his left side lowering button for air suspension and car rapidly went at the wall at 100mph when he shifted into 4th gear. I was convinced I'm gonna die. Fun stuff.

    Modball is not for USA though. Out of the promised 30 cars, only 17 cars started from NYC, 10 cars made it to Atlanta, 8 cars to Miami. For a comparison, there are already 80 teams fully paid in Europe for 2015.

    We've had 4 star hotels instead of 5 stars. Track day never happened. They expected us to make it from DC to Atlanta in under 8 hours. That would happen if we were to leave at 1am with no traffic and had no gas stops. We left at 8am and were in Atlanta around 9pm. We pretty much made all their VIP parties, which were not pre-paid and seems like they really cashed out big time with nothing in return.

    My FB page was blowing up with haterade toward the brits. When we got to Miami, team from Salt Lake ordered 12 shots delivered to the penthouse on the host tab. They didn't seem to appreciate us spending their money.

    All in all, I'm happy to have met lots of new people and I'm 100% positive I'll be able to get all these guys to do another run soon, for 1/5 of the price.
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    Glad you had a blast!! I would love to do that one day. Great photos too.

    Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film.
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