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Thread: Tinting done right - S&S Window Tinting

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    I just want to put the word out about a friend of mine who does tint.

    For anyone on NESR, they already know Sheldon (BigShel). He used to own a tint shop in Bedford/Lexington but sold it a number of years ago.

    Well... the great news for all of us is that he's getting back in the game. He's currently running his business from his home and has his software and plotter setup to do custom tint jobs, while he looks for a new commercial garage/shop.

    I've had a couple of my cars done with him and he's a perfectionist when it comes to doing a nice job. I'll probably take my wife's G35x to him soon too.

    His prices cannot be beat and he's using top of the line materials.

    For anyone looking to get their windows tinted, give him a call. He's located in Bedford, MA.

    He sent me a text saying he just joined up on YR too.
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    Thanks for the shout out. Anyone know of a decent priced garage space let me know.
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    how much does he charge for a sedan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by M-Muscle View Post
    how much does he charge for a sedan?
    It depends on the vehicle, but yuppie members get special deeply discounted pricing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady35 View Post
    It depends on the vehicle, but yuppie members get special deeply discounted pricing.
    Are you a new sponsor?
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    I delighted to announce that S&S Window Tinting has merged With Tintworks located in Burlington, MA.
    Check it out at
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris! View Post
    Are you a new sponsor?
    working on it
    The disease runs deep, relapses often, not looking for a cure, just another sick bastard to share it with.
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