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Thread: My C63 AMG in Switzerland, back at home

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  1. #1 Default My C63 AMG in Switzerland, back at home 
    Here are a few pictures of my baby back at home.

    It only has its primary cats removed which truly increased the sound and made the AMG amazing without disturbing from the inside
    I have all around 95% darkness window tints on the car, except the windshield of course.
    75% darkness film on the tail lights
    And finally, a White Matte Pearl wrap with Matte and Gloss black details.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures!

    Here is the direct link to the photo shoot posted on FB,
    I had troubles uploading the original files for the reasons I am not sure of.
    "For the record, it does say 80% tint on the link but, I did change the tints right after because I was not satisfied with the darkness"

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    This is the car you were telling us about... fantastic sound it makes
    The disease runs deep, relapses often, not looking for a cure, just another sick bastard to share it with.
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    YES it is!!!

    As much as I love my current E60 V10...
    The AMG growl is just an addiction which once you hear it, you never want to let go....
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