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Thread: NEW ACURA - MDX Sub box 2007-2013 Model MDX Subwoofer enclosure MAGICBOX WICKED CAS

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  1. #1 Default NEW ACURA - MDX Sub box 2007-2013 Model MDX Subwoofer enclosure MAGICBOX WICKED CAS 


    Enclosure is made out of fiberglass which is much denser then any wooden enclosure. It is custom fitted to your MDX. It uses the space available from the stock subwoofer set up. You can now get red of the OEM free air subwoofer. It bolts in the same factory location.

    Air space .75-.85 Cu ft.

    You can order it with a 10" or 12"

    Mouting depth is 5.95 " Clears a 10w3v3 and HERTZ ENERGY 10"

    SAM_3179.JPG SAM_3180.JPG SAM_3181.JPGSAM_3182.JPG SAM_3184.JPG 603-642-4222 Car Audio Systems + Fabrications.
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