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Thread: traction control question

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    My girlfriends 2008 kia sportage,
    When she is at a stop sign and then steps on the gas her car spins its tires. Some might say that its normal for it to do that but the car has no mods so its not putting out enough torque to spin the tires to begin with, (my s4 doesnt do that). could there be something wrong with the TC?
    -I know this maybe a stupid question but id rather be 100% sure she is safe driving it. nothing worse then not having TC in an suv.
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    Not sure if this could be it or not, but from my experience with Kia's over the last 3 years (2011 Sorento, 2014 Sorento, and 2013 Optima) the stock tires are absolute garbage. They give off a ton of road noise and I feel like they have zero traction regardless of the weather. However, it does sound a little extreme to be just tires, but maybe worth a shot?
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    Could you clarify how hard she "steps on the gas"? Seems like your problem could be in that answer.
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    tread depth on the tires? type of tires? if your tires are bald you dont need much torque to spin them...
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    Ditto if the ground is wet or the tires are on the limit line.

    My money is on her having a lead foot, worn tires, or both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by splatt View Post
    Ditto if the ground is wet or the tires are on the limit line.

    My money is on her having a lead foot, worn tires, or both.
    This... Along with the fact that the sportage uses an AWD system similar to a honda... Where its FWD unless otherwise needed... Basically the rear diff has an electronic clutchpack in it that is not engaged unless the front wheels start spinning...
    Quote Originally Posted by cegan09 View Post
    brass isn't good enough for those guys. Too heavy. They have burnt titanium because they are that awesome.
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    My old camry that made crap for power could spin front tires. It's really not hard to do if you're stabbing the gas.

    your S4 won't do it because it has AWD.
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    There are many things worst than not having TC in an SUV. I can name about 25 million things.

    I fact I will even argue that it isn't even a safety concern. That said my first guess is check tire pressure.
    Oh Yeah!
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    ok, thanks everyone ill run down the list and see what i end up with
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