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Thread: 1975 MG Midget

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    Serious question - will this hold a 6'3" 250lb man?
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    Highly doubt it. I am 6' and about the same and I barely fit.
    - Seth
    08 335xi
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    You may fit in a regular MGB, but the Midget was designed to fit in an English guy's bicycle shed (for serious).


    White Hairdresser's Car, Orange Car with Hand-Built Engine (Like AMG) and 6-Speed (Not like AMG)
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    Have a line on older fenders to have the cleaner look. The front bumper mount brackets will be here next week.
    - Seth
    08 335xi
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    So that was short lived. My wife came to me and explained how she did not see how much she would be able to use the car. We have a young daughter that needs her all the time and driving a convertible does not play well with that lifestyle. We have decided to give the car to someone who will appreciate it, drive it and love it.

    My mom.

    A 1967 MG Midget was her first car. Her enthusiasm towards that car (and my dads towards Opel GT's) most likely triggered my love for Z's. My moms husband is a car guy as well. He is taking the car to be worked on and get it to tip top shape for my moms birthday.

    So regardless of the change of hands, its going to a great person who deserves it and will love it.

    She even has the original wood shift knob from her old car as a keepsake that will find itself on her new car.
    - Seth
    08 335xi
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    The original post was 6 years ago, I wonder how it looks like now.
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