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Thread: At home detailer?

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  1. #1 Default At home detailer? 
    Anyone have a suggestion for a detailer who does good work and will come to my home?

    I need 4-5 cars detailed and rather not shuttle them to someone's shop and eat up a couple days in back and forth. Everything from a 911 to my defender 110.

    I'm in wellesley and have water and electric in the garage. If successful I'm very open to a yearly/ monthly/ whatever maintenance plan of sorts

    Feel free to pm me if you prefer

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    i saw some guy in a van which said he did mobile detailing when i was at autozone the other day, i'm sure there a bunch who do it but i dont think anyone on here uses one
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    I'll message you
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    Quote Originally Posted by vlocci View Post
    If successful I'm very open to a yearly/ monthly/ whatever maintenance plan of sirts

    How generous would you be for an annual plan? If its enough to quit my job, I can be your personal detailer. I have never detailed anything other than my own cars though and generally the results have been lackluster.

    Seriously though, pics of your garage since it sounds like you have quite a collection.
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    Random man in a van....what could go wrong?

    E55, I sent you a pm
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