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Thread: Hard Wiring Radar Detector to Mercedes Benz ML350 4Matic 2011

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  1. #1 Default Hard Wiring Radar Detector to Mercedes Benz ML350 4Matic 2011 
    Hello everyone!!

    I just recently purchased a ML350 4matic
    As I hate wires going around my car,
    I am trying to look around and ask questions if anyone knows how to hard wire a radar detector to this car?

    Trying to find a clean way which I can do on my own

    Looking forward to all the replies!!!
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    There are usually a few free places to grab power in the fuse box. However, I believe the car has pillar airbags? I would be careful running wires in your pillars
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    I usually use an add a fuse adapter and run the wires up the a pillar and tuck it into the head liner. Like Pete mentioned just be careful how you run the wire through the a pillar, I usually make sure its tucked behind the airbag.

    add a fuse looks like this
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    tap into the glove box light
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    You can also usually grab power from the headliner if you have a smart mirror in the car. Otherwise add-a-fuse makes it very easy to remove later.
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    I wanted to run it through the fuse box as well like I had it done with my Camaro 1SS 2010,
    But this ML is just "a little bit" different...
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