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Thread: What should I buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris! View Post
    One is my company car. The other goes back in July at end of lease. Hence my thread

    I don't need a commuter car per say. But I don't drive my company car on weekend. So it still needs to be decent in the snow for the off chance I drive it in a storm

    Should just buy something cheap I think
    I know a place to get good deals on cheap VW/Audis.
    Quote Originally Posted by cegan09 View Post
    brass isn't good enough for those guys. Too heavy. They have burnt titanium because they are that awesome.
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    Buy a bike and a car?
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    Bike is always a wise choice. I rode during sun set yesterday. feels like Pete Mitchell in the top gun scene.
    Oh Yeah!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris! View Post
    Should just buy something cheap I think
    Miata... and pizza delivery when there's a storm.

    I just got rid of my company car. We got bought out and the new corporate owner's policies don't allow for leased cars. They seem to travel a lot less than we used to. The leased car seemed silly to me anyway because I usually traveled by plane, so they were paying lease and insurance on a car and then paying to leave it in central parking.

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    Buy a 2011 WRX, put some RallyArmor mudflaps and DC/Monster stickers on it, and sell it for more than you paid for it.
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