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Thread: YR July 4th BBQ

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    I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I'm going to post this here as well so everyone knows about it.

    There has been a last minute decision to have a July 4th BBQ at my house in Peabody.

    Should start around 3pm or so, maybe earlier if we are expecting rain later in the day.

    Date: July 4th, 2015

    Time: 3-7pm

    Location: Peabody, MA (message me for address if you dont have it)

    my cell is 617-257-3595 for those of you who dont have it
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    love to see your V... we have a bunch on the forum
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    If referring to me, I have all the aids...
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    thaks for the open invite. Will be at sis in law's in Cohasset. I hope to make a yr bbq soon though as they seem to end up being pretty epic.
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    Thanks for the invite! How was the bbq?
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