ello ello!
been a while guys, hope you are well. Its been about a year and a half since I sold my S5, packed up from Boston and headed back to Saudi. I have finally just gotten back into a fun car, as some of you already seen on Facebook. It was between a 991 gt3 or a m6 gran coupe. When I decided on the 991 gt3, there were none for sale in Saudi, nor was the dealer able to order me one. The dealer had only ordered Carrera S/4S and Turbos for my country, I had to get mine from Dubai where the GT3 is more common than Saudi. I found 22 GT3's they were all white, so I didnt have an option on color lol. However, it did have all the options I wanted such as Lift Kit, Red stitching with extended leather, carbon fiber, pcm....etc

I've had it for a week and so far loving it.
Here are the plans for the car:
-Wheels to be painted gloss black.
-Car to be fully wrapped in another color.
-Carbon bits for the interior & exterior.
-Centerlock aftermarket forged wheels.
-Exhaust ( still deciding on which to get).