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Thread: Knife thread (kitchen knives)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylestt View Post
    Now you need new chopsticks!

    My Star Wars ones arrive tomorrow, pretty stoked to carry them around with me and eat sushi with my own. Will of course request restaurants to dim the lights for full effect.

    please do this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Intheflesh View Post
    And shoot, I forgot to buy a honing stone.
    Nitpicking: honing is done with a steel, sharpening is done with a stone or a grinder.
    "It was more passionate than just cuddling"
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    thats what I meant.

    I do need a sharpening stone too
    Quote Originally Posted by bigben View Post
    You.... have problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Pete View Post
    you have issues.
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