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Thread: Boss 302 Journal

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    Pretty epic trip in such a short amount of time...congrats! Glad everything worked out for you!
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    Congrats on the new ride
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    Great trip man! Congrats on the new ride!
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    Great trip. Sounds like you had one hell of a time and a memorable drive. can't wait to get the cars together
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    congrats! great pics, cant wait to see it on the yummies run. i see the yummies postponed date worked in favor for you. also lmao at scott's comments
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    Congrats again Pete... Now it needs some orange gulf ish vinyl
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    It needs a bath.

    Also need to activate track key soon. I went to the dealer today but they seemed really unfamiliar with it. They told me if I had the code they could activate it but didn't offer to sell me a code. Oh well.

    Had a nice drive on the Kanc today. Up to 5450 miles or so.
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    Happy for you to enjoy a fun car after not having one for a few years
    Oh Yeah!
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    looks great!!!
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