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Thread: Ben & Jerry's Cruise Saturday, 4-30-16

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    Bro moment of the day goes to everyone pulling off the highway with me after my MAFs exploded for the second time in 2,000 miles
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockter View Post
    Fantastic day, thanks! Definitely worth going just for heady topper!
    I liked how everyone switched to the right lane when the trooper was turning around somewhere in NH haha
    That scared the crap out of me. Crested that hill at 85 and saw him sitting there. He started turning around after we were in view. Thankfully he just cruised on by.

    Good to meet you guys yesterday. Cruise was fun, can't wait for the next one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buzztt View Post
    you are definitely one seriously dedicated, possibly certifiable individual
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    Had an awesome time as well. I loved that restaurant, their beer list was God tier and that burger was excellent. I'd go back just to try more of what they had on tap.
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