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Thread: clutch

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    So I know that I will need to replace my clutch in September. I can feel it getting a little sloppy. For those of you with stage 2 upgrade clutches what do you think? I am not so concerned about the chatter, but i do get stuck in traffic now and then and wonder how much of a pain in the ass it all is.

    I am thinking of this kit:
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    I'm putting a Spec stage 2 in mine and from what I was told it's not terrible for a daily driver, even in traffic.
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    It's kind of useless to compare different stages across different cars and clutch makers. My clutch is a southbend "stage 4 extreme" with a sprung full face ceramic disc, and it drives almost like it's stock. Sprung full face discs will drive normally, puck clutches will drive like on/off switches.

    Chatter comes from the flywheel, not from the clutch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by splatt View Post
    It's kind of useless to compare different stages across different cars and clutch makers.
    Yup. You need to specifically look into clutches for your car and see what peoples' experience has been with them. If your car is still mostly stock (not sure what you have for power mods) and the stock clutch never slipped under power then why bother with something that will negatively impact daily driveablity?

    Also clutch chatter can come from pretty much any component in that area of the driveline. It's definitely not always the flywheel.
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    I had an unsprung 6 puck in my 240sx. I would not recommend that.

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    yeah i think the SPEC Stage 2 will be fine for my car.
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