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Thread: air compressor

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    Looking for a vertical air compressor for the new garage. Not sure what I want. Was looking at Harbor Freight. Any suggestions?
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    Check the requirements of the tools you plan to use.

    I only use my compressor for filling tires or maybe as a dust blower every now and then. I have a plug-in electric impact gun from Harbor Freight that I think is good for ~275 ft/lbs or something like that. It zipped the cv joint nuts right off of the Subaru, so the rating is probably pretty accurate. I also have a smaller battery powered impact gun from HF that I use pretty much to same me time spinning a ratchet that runs around 50 ft/lbs. Those things get the job done for me and both sit comfortably in a workbench drawer.

    So I guess my compressor recommendation is: buy a cheap one for tires and buy electric impact tools. ;)

    If you want to go full battery powered, there are some damn powerful impact guns available that mechanics swear by, but I think they run around $400 or more. My plug-in gun was like $50.

    Plug-in gun:

    Battery gun: (I bought this because it uses the same batteries as my drill)

    Edit: I have also used my compressor quite a bit with an air pin nail gun and it has worked fine for that. I'm not sure if a larger compressor would do any better since I've seen a lot of contractors using a small compressor to run their nail guns.


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    There are two styles that I'm aware of.

    Ones that are just air compressors and work as you'd expect. Make sure you get one that has a moisture trap so you don't get condensation in the line. The other style introduces oil into the line so your tools are constantly lubed. Obviously you wouldn't want to use the latter to dry off the car or anything.

    Either way you'll want to get as large as you can fit because the less it has to cycle the longer you can run a tool w/out waiting for pressure, and the less people in the house hear it kick on.
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    yeah I think i want one that does not use oil. Also given though i want a vertical tank it needs to be on wheels so i can move it around. The battery ones are cool, might look into that too
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    Oil less compressors are noisey compared to ones that use oil.

    My vertical one is a HF oil model and it works well for running my impact wrench and other tools.

    My horizontal will run my nailers and can run the wrench but it cycles a lot when I'm using the impact wrench. It an old devilbliss 12 gallon.

    I got the oil free one first. If I had to do it over again, I'd get a small oil free one... Like a pancake compressor or a small double tank. Something very portable.
    Then I'd get the biggest vertical oil run compressor that would fit in my garage space.
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    I have a 5.7?HP 175PSI 2 stage 80 gallon oil lubricated Craftsman. It has seen very heavy use in the ~8 years we've had it and never had a single issue. The only problem with it is it's loud as fuck when the compressor turns on. Based on my experience I would recommend Craftsman to anyone.
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    craftsman +1 Never had and issue and min is 10 years My dada is 30 and still no issues
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    my buddy has a craftsman, loud as fuck. Of course if you are using a compressor i suppose it shouldn't be in the middle of the night at your house.
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