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Thread: WTB- Riding Lawn Mower, 20HP

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  1. #1 Default WTB- Riding Lawn Mower, 20HP 
    My classic John Deere is DOA, so need a strong unit for future leaf removal season. It needs to hook up with my Cyclone Rake attachment.

    Please post up if you have one for sale, or know of any.. I currently have 45 or so inches of blades.
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    If you can't find one locally, check out the Sears Outlet. It looks like their inventory is pretty light right now, but when I bought mine in September a couple of years ago they had a lot more to choose from. That would make sense if most of their sales of those items happen in summer. I think I ended up saving about 45% on the mower I bought.

    Is the Deere salvageable? Harbor Freight sells 22hp v-twin engines for $699. From what I read when I was shopping, there's really no quality advantage with Deere's current consumer products. More than a few people who replaced old Deere's with new ones were complaining about that.
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    Thx... mine lasted 30 yrs hehe
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