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Thread: Cars and Cans

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    Cars & Cans

    Saturday July 8th from 10am-2pm
    1934 Lakeview Ave | Dracut, MA 01826
    (Rain Date July 15th)

    I would like to invite you all to my first event which I am hosting as part of a school community service project. The event is free to attend but we ask spectators to bring at least 1 can of food and car owners to bring at least 3 cans of food! All donations are greatly appreciated and benefit the Dracut Food Pantry.
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    I am not sure why the picture keeps posting twice. I kept trying to edit one out but that did not work.
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    I can't read the details.

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    I will have to try posting it again during the day on the computer though the file type I think is what is causing issues.
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    yeah the image is way too small to read details
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    Edited the first post with details... Hope to see a strong attendance by folks if they're available!
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    I just want to add two things. The event is not free to attend. It is one can per spectator or a cash donation. For cars it is three cans per car which pays for everyone in the car or a cash donation. Also just wanted to add that it is not for school. It is just my own event that I have wanted to do for a long time and is for a good cause of helping those who need the food pantry's food.
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    The event is still on for tomorrow!
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    Sorry I missed this. my day got very busy
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    Quote Originally Posted by mthaynes View Post
    Sorry I missed this. my day got very busy
    That is okay. I plan to have another Cars and Cans next year.
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    I like this picture.
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